Left to right: Kali Mercier (Deputy Director and WSP Fellow), Murray Bruges (Director), Rt. Hon. Helen Clark, and Peter Davis (Board Chair). The Helen Clark Foundation is a non-partisan, evidence-based public policy think tank. That means we develop solutions to New Zealand’s long-term challenges and take the long view to test and propose ideas beyond the short-term political cycle. We draw on international best practice, listen to world-class experts, and tailor solutions that will work for New Zealand over the long term.

New Zealanders are fortunate to live in a country where good policy can and does make a material difference in improving people’s lives. Being the first country in the world to extend voting rights to women, ensuring everyone has access to quality healthcare and our nuclear-free status all represent public policy decisions that generations of New Zealanders have benefitted from.

As we look around an increasingly divided nation and outwards to a more turbulent world, there are no shortage of challenges facing our country. How can we adapt to a changing climate in time to minimise disruption to our economy and society? How can we make property affordable for all New Zealanders again? How will we afford healthcare and superannuation for an ageing population? How can we protect our democracy as traditional media declines and misinformation abounds?

With good policy choices, New Zealanders can still expect their country to be a great place to live in the years ahead – a well-governed, compassionate democracy with great public services and a high standard of living. But it won’t happen without innovative, durable policy based on evidence and on our shared values as New Zealanders. In the five years since our Foundation was established, our work has been guided by sustainability, fairness and inclusion and reflecting these values, we aim to help New Zealand:

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To celebrate our Foundation’s fifth anniversary, we’re giving every new member who signs up in the month of March a free copy of Reconnecting Aotearoa, the highly-rated book exploring loneliness and connection in the age of social distance. This book is based on research carried out by the Foundation and is edited by the Foundation’s former director and deputy director, Kathy Errington and Holly Walker.

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We would be thrilled to have you as part of our community.
Murray Bruges
Executive Director


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