The foundation is an independent trust established in the name of former Prime Minister, Helen Clark, who is our patron. We have a focus on research and education, particularly in those areas that have been a matter of interest to our patron in her career of public service, both in New Zealand and overseas.

Our pedigree is progressive, guided by values of social progress. In this work we are keen to include non-profit and public sector organisations, civil society, and a range of other communities of interest. In other words, we plan to be broadly inclusive.

We aim to address pressing public policy issues of concern in New Zealand by carrying out research and producing reports and briefing papers that are evidence-based, peer-reviewed, and promoted to the media, interested organisations, and the broader public.

Our approach is non-partisan. We are interested in the policies, not necessarily the politics, although it is the latter that will usually determine which policies will be taken up and implemented!

Our motto is – for the common good. We hope we can live up to it !