A tale of two budgets

It is interesting to contrast New Zealand and the United States as the two countries advance into the territory of annual budget setting. As Grant Robertson prepares the way for the budget, he has carefully outlined the cuts needed in government expenditure (government departments being required to find savings), the re-prioritisation of current patterns, the […]

The Helen Clark Foundation welcomes new Executive Director, Murray Bruges

The Helen Clark Foundation is pleased to announce that Murray Bruges has been appointed as its new Executive Director. Murray comes to the Foundation from his role as Manager, NZ Government Affairs at Fonterra Co-operative Group in Auckland, where he specialised in resource management and environmental policy. From 2011 to 2020, Murray worked for the […]

Health system better than you think

Barely a day goes by without some worrying story about shortcomings in our health system appearing in the media. In a career of working with and observing the health system, I have come to expect a regular diet of stories of this kind. But, over the last year or so, the sheer volume and intensity […]

Our long-term problems keep catching up on us

Aside from the dominance of media and political attention, what the issues of Three Waters and Cyclone Gabrielle underline is that we have a problem in New Zealand in dealing with long-standing issues that grow over time, that have been clearly signalled, and that require timely intervention and the earmarking of resources. Let’s take Three […]

Kali Mercier appointed WSP Fellow at the Helen Clark Foundation

WSP in New Zealand and The Helen Clark Foundation are pleased to announce that Kali Mercier has been appointed as the new WSP research fellow at The Helen Clark Foundation | Mahi a Rongo, taking over from Acting WSP Fellow Anne Cunningham. Wellington-based Kali will spend her tenure as Fellow producing high-quality research reports with […]

Helen Clark Foundation and WSP in New Zealand call for national forum on designing for safety in towns and cities 

The Helen Clark Foundation and WSP in New Zealand are recommending that a national forum be convened on how urban design can contribute to creating safer urban areas. You can read the discussion paper here. While a review of crime data paints a complex picture, there are challenges to respond to with rising concern about […]

Minimising The Harms From Methamphetamine: New Report

The Helen Clark Foundation together with the New Zealand Drug Foundation proposes pathway to reduce methamphetamine harm A new report commissioned by the Helen Clark Foundation and the NZ Drug Foundation, co-authored by Philippa Yasbek, Kali Mercier, Dr Hinemoa Elder MNZM, Dr Rose Crossin, and Prof Michael Baker MNZM, makes evidence-based recommendations on how to […]

Healthy Food Environments

Everyone wants a healthy environment for their kids to grow up in. However, where you live can make that a lot harder. Our research aimed to examine the different food environments that make up our city of Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. Using electronic sales (EFTPOS) data and census data, we can show that lower income communities […]

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