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Upcoming events

Insights into funding and financing tools for Aotearoa New Zealand's infrastructure.

12 August 2024, 11AM - 12PM

This webinar will draw on the expertise of the panel to delve in more depth into the report and some of the key funding and financing tools.

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Our Recent Events

Paul Polman in conversation with Helen Clark.

16 April 2024

To launch our latest report on productivity in New Zealand's food and fibre sector, we hosted a conversation between Helen Clark and global business leader, climate and equalities campaigner Paul…

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An expert discussion on long Covid: what it is, who it affects, and what we could be doing better.

03 April 2024

Michael Baker, Paula Lorgelly, Janene Crossan and Warren Tate considered how to support those already suffering long Covid, and what policy and public health interventions are needed.

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Helen Clark in conversation with Janette Sadik-Kahn

21 March 2024

Janette Sadik-Khan and Rt Hon Helen Clark discussed the possibilities that a renewed sense of confidence in urban transformation could bring to Auckland in the next ten years.

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A conversation between Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark

19 March 2024

This conversation between Sir Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark discussed the challenges facing New Zealand, and the role of think tanks in developing solutions to long-term problems.

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A webinar to discuss our latest report on how best to engage with communities when planning climate adaptations.

21 February 2024

Kali Mercier was joined by Roana Bennett and Gemma Greenshields to discuss how best to work with communities to adapt to climate change.

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What mutual challenges do we face?

11 December 2023

This discussion covered a wide range of topics, including the Voice referendum, prospects for renewable energy, climate policy obligations, and the Australia-New Zealand relationship.

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