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What can New Zealand and Norway learn from each other?

27 April 2023

Minimising social and health harms from methamphetamine use in Norway and New Zealand.

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This symposium explored whether there is any prospect of a return to democracy in Myanmar.

31 March 2023

The symposium was a collaboration between the Kia Kaha Myanmar Group, the VUW Centre for Strategic Studies, the Asia New Zealand Foundation, the Helen Clark Foundation and UnionAID.

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How design is playing a vital role in creating safe, vibrant, well-functioning cities.

16 March 2023

If you missed it you can catch the recording now! Hear from a panel of experts on the latest in coordinated urban design interventions.

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A recording of this event is available for members now.

23 February 2023

Members heard directly from Helen about areas of work in which she is engaged.

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A Q&A with Helen Clark

31 October 2022

Pandemic threats are inevitable, but epidemics and pandemics are choices. World leaders now have a choice: prepare for the next pandemic — or risk a repeat of the disastrous last…

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20 September 2022

Dr. Holly Walker convened a roundtable of diverse experts to establish a policy vision for perinatal and maternal mental health.

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