Reconnecting Aotearoa: Loneliness and Connection in the Age of Social Distance - a BWB Text edited by Kathy Errington and Holly Walker

Loneliness is a major public health challenge that must be addressed. That is the central message of a new book, edited by the former director and deputy director of Mahi a Rongo | The Helen Clark Foundation, Kathy Errington and Holly Walker.

The book, Reconnecting Aotearoa, is a new collection of essays on loneliness published by Bridget Williams Books, that builds on research from Mahi a Rongo | The Helen Clark Foundation, as part of the BWB Texts series.

Copies of the book are available at the link below or at your favourite book store.

You can read our report into loneliness, Alone Together, here. Our follow-up report, Still Alone Together, is available here.

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