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We’re thrilled to announce that our project has been selected, among 720 submissions, for the Paris Peace Forum 2019! Our project builds on our previous research into establishing a ‘democratic model’ for reducing the spread of harmful content online. You can see the full list of selected projects here:

We are currently developing the project with support from Dr David Hall from The Policy Observatory as well as from Wellington based ‘think and do’ tank the Workshop.

Media Coverage
Paris Peace Forum: The Christchurch Principles: Countering online hate with online democracy

The Role of Innovation in Getting to Carbon Zero

What place is there for next generation energy such as “green hydrogen”?

March 2019: New Zealand needs to look at innovative ways to decrease carbon emissions. This includes increasing our renewable electricity supply, as demand for electricity will increase with the growth of electric vehicles and as we stop bringing new sources of fossil fuel online.

Media Coverage
The Spinoff: The case for ‘green’ hydrogen
Science Media Center: Green hydrogen industry in NZ – Expert Q&A
The Policy Observatory: Podcast
TVNZ Breakfast, The AM Show, The Project, Twitter
Newshub Nation: Adapting to Climate Change

Anti-social media

Reducing the spread of harmful content on social networks

May 2019: In the wake of the March 2019 Christchurch terrorist attack, which was livestreamed in an explicit attempt to foster support for white supremacist beliefs, it is clear that there is a problem with regard to regulating and moderating abhorrent content on social media. Both governments and social media companies could do more.

Media Coverage:
NZ Herald (paywalled): Social media regulation is needed to confront hate head-on (also available on our website)
TV Appearances on Q+A and The Project
Newshub: How Helen Clark would regulate Facebook’s livestreaming
Newsroom: How to regulate social media
Christchurch Call: NZ Herald, Stuff, TVNZ, NZ Herald (paywalled), Stuff
The Spinoff: I used to believe internet freedom was all. Christchurch and El Paso changed that

Other Publications Helen Clark Foundation comment on the 2019 Budget