Our People

New Zealand is our home, and we approach our work with a view to both learning from international best practice as well contributing a distinctly New Zealand voice to policy research.

The operation of the foundation is led by the Executive Director, Katherine Errington. We draw on a network of other supporters.

The foundation is an independent trust. We are a registered charity in New Zealand and governed by a board of four trustees.

Foundation Board

Joan Caulfield
Peter Davis (Chair)
Geoff Pownall
Simon Mitchell

Key People

Helen Clark (Patron)
Katherine Errington (Executive Director)
Claire Mason (Research Support)
Rowen Waterworth (Administrator)
Paul Smith (Social Media)
Andrew Chen (Technical Support)

Outreach Advisors

Helen Klisser During
Mike Williams

Job Opportunities

Research Analyst and Writer

Our Partners

Auckland University of Technology and The Policy Observatory are partnering with the The Helen Clark Foundation while the Foundation becomes established. This aligns with the University’s commitment to research for the public good, and public communication of research. The University supports the Foundation’s aim to fund and facilitate research on a range of topics; however its support is not an endorsement of any individual item of work, output or statement made by the Foundation’s staff, directors or patron.