This webinar was for anybody with an interest in urban design actions that can help reduce the incidence of crime, and change how we use, respect and value our city spaces – especially local and central government decision makers.

In the webinar we heard from a panel of experts on the latest in coordinated urban design interventions, an update on current developments in Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) in practice, and the inextricable link between crime and the perception of safety.

It seems that barely a day passes when we’re not hearing about incidents of harm and antisocial behaviour in our urban areas. We know it’s a persistent and thorny problem. We also know that urban design is playing a vital role in creating safe, vibrant, well-functioning cities.

Last year, WSP and Mahi a Rongo | The Helen Clark Foundation produced a new discussion paper on Safer Cities by Design, which recommends bringing together diverse perspectives and expertise in establishing safe urban places.


  • Anne Cunningham – 2022 Former WSP Fellow – The Helen Clark Foundation
  • Anna Michels – Principal Urban Designer, WSP in New Zealand
  • Jared Thomas – Technical Principal – Behavioural Sciences, WSP in New Zealand


  • Kali Mercier – WSP Fellow at The Helen Clark Foundation
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