The Helen Clark Foundation, together with the NZ Initiative, hosted John Hudak, Deputy Director of the Center for Effective Public Management at the Brookings Institution, for a timely webinar ahead of Aotearoa New Zealand’s chance to vote on cannabis law reform.

Cannabis law reform has been implemented in a number of different states in the USA, and in a variety of different ways. Watch the webinar to hear John’s thoughts on the current state of law reform efforts in the USA ahead of the Presidential election, the impact of legalisation in different states, and the lessons that Aotearoa New Zealand can draw upon ahead of the 2020 referendum.

John’s recently re-released book ‘Marijuana: A Short History’, offers a unique profile of how cannabis emerged from the shadows of counterculture and illegality to become a serious public policy issue and source of legal revenue for both businesses and governments. In it, he describes why attitudes and policy have changed, and what those changes mean for cannabis’s future place in society.

This webinar was co-chaired by Kathy Errington, Executive Director of the Helen Clark Foundation, and Eric Crampton, Chief Economist at the NZ Initiative.


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