This is a public webinar. Please note that the time and date for this webinar have changed to 11am, Monday 12th August, registrations will be available soon.

There is broad agreement that Aotearoa New Zealand faces a large shortfall in terms of the quantity of infrastructure the country needs, and the quality of what already exists. In addition, the country faces emerging challenges such as climate change and a population that is both growing and ageing rapidly, with much of this growth likely to happen in a small number of cities.

Join our panel of experts to hear what should be done about it.

We will be sharing the key findings from our latest report with WSP in New Zealand, Bridging the Infrastructure Gap: funding and financing for a resilient Aotearoa New Zealand. The webinar will draw on the expertise of the panel to delve in more depth into some of the key funding and financing tools, including debt financing, public-private partnerships, city deals, road tolls, value capture, taxation, and more.

Crucially, our expert panel will address the pressing issue of how to spread the upcoming costs fairly between current and future residents of Aotearoa. There will be time for questions from the audience.

The panel includes:

  • Vincent Minett – Vinny is the Director of Investments at WSP in New Zealand, advising the Government and Private Sector on the commercial and financial elements of major public sector infrastructure projects. His finance degree, background in construction, and experience on a number of large New Zealand and Canadian infrastructure projects has provided him with unique insights into the industry.
  • Kali Mercier – Kali is the WSP Fellow and Deputy Director of the Helen Clark Foundation. Kali has an extensive background in law, policy, and international development, which has taken her to Berlin, London, Mexico City and Botswana. Before coming to the Helen Clark Foundation, Kali worked as Principal Advisor at the Ministry of Justice, Policy Director at the NZ Drug Foundation and as a human rights advocate for Amnesty UK and other charities overseas.
  • Simon Randall – Simon is Local Government New Zealand’s Policy and Advocacy Manager, joining the organisation in 2023. He has an extensive background in local government, including as an elected member and in leadership roles in operations, strategy, and governance at Auckland Council. Funding and financing is a key focus area for LGNZ.
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